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Multi-Function Wireless Charging Stand

Multi-Function Wireless Charging Stand

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SmartGlow Multifunctional Atmosphere Lamp

Cutting-Edge Technology and Captivating Design

Experience the synergy of versatility and aesthetics with our Multi-Function Wireless Charger Lamp. Control multiple features via a downloadable app. Enjoy wireless charging, Bluetooth speaker, music player, sunrise wake-up, ambient lighting, dazzling effects, clock, and alarm—all in one convenient device.

Lighting Function

Create ambiance with its atmospheric light feature—syncing with music and offering customizable modes and colors. The light's brightness, controlled via the app, soothes for relaxation and sleep preparation.

Rapid Charging

Experience rapid charging through the 15W wireless charger, ideal for various spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. This practical solution ensures fast charging for phones and more.

Sleeping Aid

Enhance sleep by app-managing lights and speaker rhythms. Elevate your sleep with the Bluetooth-connected white noise feature, promoting better sleep quality and refreshed mornings.

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