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Programmable LED Pixel Art Display

Programmable LED Pixel Art Display

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当音箱遇到LED,Divoom TIMEBOX-EVO体验- 知乎Compact Entertainment Hub

This retro Bluetooth speaker has a 6W DSP speaker, 16x16 pixel 256 full RGB self-programmable LED screen, and a range of features including alarm clock, score keeper, stopwatch, and planner/calendar, it's your all-in-one solution.

Real-time Pixel Art

Express yourself with live pixel art creation on a customizable LED display. Craft your own designs in real time using your fingertips, brought to life on the vibrant screen.

Desk accessory

Elevate your workspace with a charming retro alarm clock that plays music, podcasts, and animations for your gaming setup. Stay on track with notifications and daily planner options, ensuring you stay focused and organized.

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